• Michael White (Senior)
  • Graham Watts
  • Michael White (Junior)
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Welcome To Our Nightmare

The Whites (Father and Son)Westonhill Chalet Park is a small park, which has been in existence since the 1920's. It is set in fairly secluded countryside, and had 23 properties on it. The properties varied from standard mobile homes, to bungalows constructed from a variety of materials.

There was a community based in this little park; a community of caring, hard working, friendly people. It was a lovely place to live, The residents valued and cared for their homes, each other and the beautiful countryside in which they lived.

Then, in May 2007, the chalet park was sold to a father and son team, Mr M T White, and Mr M A White.

Now there is a frightened community of people living in fear of what the next day will bring. The park is ravaged and lives have been fractured. Peace has been replaced with harrassment.

The Westonhill Chalet Park residents will not give in to fear and harrassment but we need help and support. Please read our story and do what you can to pass on details of our plight and put right what is being done by greedy and unscrupulous landlords.



If you are thinking of buying a park home anywhere, visit the Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) website first and read all about the potential dangers!

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